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Startup Alpha is an entrepreneur-led technology accelerator for big vision founders seeking to disrupt large markets. Our team is hyper-focused on the value creation processes and the mechanics that drive organic growth. We achieve this by partnering with founders operationally, financially, and strategically to accelerate objective execution. To help foster scalability post-launch, we provide an ecosystem of tech-enabled services so the startups we partner with can continue to grow in a capital-efficient manner.


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This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.
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Founders Helping Founders  
We brainstorm with founders under a framework to validate a new ideas direction by connecting unmet market needs with a technology product or service that solutions this need in a uniquely differentiated way.

One Year Since Inception 2020 - 6 Ventures Launched
We offer the extensive technology expertise needed to validate a proof of concept to help new founders identify potential technical and logistical issues that might interfere with scalability and long-term success. Speed to market and market validation is critical so we focus heavily on achieving an output that can be experienced and executed quickly.

Experienced Management  - Elite Entrepreneurial Executives
The founding team combines entrepreneurs. We invest in areas where our subject matter expertise and deep understanding of your business model can help guide your journey. When it comes time to offer advice, our perspective is well-informed.
We partner with Startups and Scaleups to improve their business performance.

We work with already established companies and startups that need help in specific areas. Our startup studio offers a flexible hybrid model in which we provide our services at discounted rates and we receive equity from your company. Typically we expect between 0,5% and 10% depending on our engagement and the results we deliver. This model keeps us motivated and aligned with the business goals and milestones that need to be reached.

Save yourself an immense amount of time and money trying to figure out whether your business idea is solid and what the best strategy to realize it is. Startup Alpha will not only thoroughly analyze and polish your concept but will help you turn it into reality as soon as possible.


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FF (Friends, Family and Fools) tend to invest only on your good word and a brief description of your idea. Angel investors and especially VC funds need more convincing. You have to put in more effort in the product development and you need to actually show how it is going to work and feel for your potential customers. With the ‘Product wrap-up’ package you raise your chances of closing your next funding round by improving your product concept & presentation and by reaching a deeper understanding about the unit economics of your business.


The TECHNOLOGYmarket is exploding due to increased demand for next-gen tech


Reimagining Public Safety—operating across 5 time zones... 24/7/365


Technical Debt & the Race to MVP

December 9, 2020
Lean Startup

Matt Willis discusses the challenges of building a product quickly without painting the the team into deep technical debt. What is an MVP? Should one build for scale or for a proof of concept? Get insight into product and engineering challenges as well as other topics.